Working to Do This Promotion

It is going to be a simple campground show. I have about six bands that people have probably heard of. The campground if going to hold around two thousand five hundred people and we have already rented out most of the camp sites. One of the bands is getting fairly big, but they were talking to me about needing a manager. They were interested in some of the stuff I had done for Jimmy and Craig on social media, they said that they could not buy vine likes. Of course Jimmy and Craig are nut jobs and they have a big vine account because the two of them are always pulling off these zany stunts and filming them. Some of them border on the dangerous and one time Craig very nearly ended up in the hospital, but he is so committed to internet fame that he was proud of all of the attention he got by his ‘fail’

At any rate I am going to talk to them and try to see if I can help them out and if it makes sense for me. Most of all I am trying to promote shows. I like the risk of it I think. The idea that I could fall on my face and lose every bit of the money I put in this seems to excite me. Of course I am not sticking my neck out too far. I did the math on this and it is going to work out pretty well. The big thing is setting up the campground so that it can handle this sort of thing. You need facilities. The people have to have showers and the showers have to be safe too. The big thing I am worried about is under age drinking to be honest.

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