When should young people start calcium?

How to prevent osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is now a hot topic, how to prevent osteoporosis? For the elderly, osteoporosis should be prevented from daily habits.

First, you should avoid the risk factors that can cause osteoporosis. Common risk factors are: smoking, drinking, do not eat meat and egg milk and so on. These dangerous factors will unknowingly consume the body’s calcium, therefore, in these conditions, the elderly should promptly change this habit.

Dairy products are the best food calcium supplement

Second, the diet, dairy products is the best food calcium. Although some foods also have high levels of calcium, there are some other problems. For example, shrimp skin calcium is very high, even much higher than dairy products, but its salt content is also very high, too much for high blood pressure people are not suitable; seafood high calcium, but the thyroid Abnormal function of people eat more will have an impact on the body. Therefore, through a large number of observations found that dairy products is relatively simple, but also relatively easy to get calcium foods. Daily intake of a certain amount of other aspects of the body is also good.

Once again, the body can get the vitamin D needed by the body by sunshine. Ordinary people, sunshine 20 to 30 minutes a day in summer; sunshine in winter is relatively weak, take forty or fifty minutes or an hour. Human exposure to the skin, including the face, neck, hands, forearms and other parts of these areas after exposure to sunlight, will be able to get enough vitamin D.

Adhere to the use of these methods, for the body’s calcium is very useful.

Calcium, if conditions permit, should be noted from a young age. Now a lot of young people work fatigue, always feel that they are all right, want to wait until a certain time and then slowly make up, but the peak of human calcium in the 20s when nearly 30 years old. Supplement from now on, the amount of calcium supplements to the body of young people better, in the future loss of consumption, the remaining calcium, may still be normal, in old age will benefit. If you do not pay attention when you are young, the time and money spent will be even more and the harm will be even worse if the elderly are seriously ill.

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