The Many Benefits of Peppermint Oil

When I was a kid, my parents always had a bottle of peppermint oil in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Other families bought mouthwash for their oral hygiene, but our family used peppermint instead. I have always enjoyed the taste of it, and I have never had anyone tell me I had bad breath. With my family and friends, they aren’t shy about telling someone if they do! Anyway, I only thought this was for breath issues, but I read an article not that long ago talking about the benefits of peppermint oil.

The article was about how no home should be without this because of how many things it helps with. It can help people with indigestion, colds, headaches and even someone who has overused their muscles and is in pain. It can even help a person feel more relaxed as well as more alert. I read where all a person has to do is dab a small drop of oil underneath their nostrils, and this will help them to stay alert. I was so amazed that this oil I had been using every day to keep my breath smelling fresh is used for so many other things.

I often have what my doctor calls stress headaches. This article stated that rubbing a small dab of the oil on my temple and forehead, it will help to alleviate the pain. I honestly didn’t see how this could work, but I figured I had nothing to lose but a drop or two of oil. The amazing thing is that it worked though. I now use my peppermint for so much more than just fresh breath. I always knew that it was an amazing oil, but now I know just how true that claim is. I even have some of my friends using it now too!

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