Symbol Mattress Care – How To Maintain

How To Maintain mattressWhen picking out the best mattress, most consumers look at quality, comfort, and price range. They want to get the most quality and comfort for the lowest price possible. Symbol mattresses offer the best of all three worlds. They deliver very durable products which offer comfort through the most modern bedding technologies, and all for a fraction of the price that similar mattresses sell for. The Symbol latex mattress takes center stage among all beds in its price range. Completely natural and hypo-allergenic, it surrounds the body and conforms to your natural sleeping positions for literally the best night of sleep you could ever ask for. This material supports your body to a higher degree than other bed materials, relieving aches and pains that often result from sleeping on other bed surfaces. Symbol mattress cares for us but how do we care for our symbol mattress in return?

Symbol mattresses last about eight to ten years before they need to be replaced. However, if your mattress isn’t maintained or cared for properly it will have to be replaced much sooner than that. There are several easy ways to care for your symbol mattress.

Buying a mattress pad or protector is a great way to ensure that your mattress is spill proof. Leaks or accidents may damage a mattress so it’s important to take extra precautionary measures. If you need to clean your mattress after a spill, gently rub a small amount of soap and cold water on the spot. Be sure not to soak the mattress as it may damage its construction and internal contents.

People spend so much time in bed, so it’s not surprising that its cleanliness directly affects the way we sleep. Dust mites, bed bugs and dead skin cells accumulate inside mattresses, so vacuuming your mattress can be beneficial by decreasing the number of allergens lurking inside. Also don’t forget to Air your mattress out. At least twice per year, remove all sheets and other bedding. Then stand your mattress up in front of open windows to let it air out. Let the air flow through your mattress for at least 6 to 8 hours.

Make a habit of checking your mattress for wear and tear about once a year. Many people go for years without noticing a small tear in their mattress. This tear soon turns into a huge rip, spilling out the contents of your previously perfect mattress. Also flip your mattress over every month. Freshen your mattress. Every time you flip your mattress sprinkle with baking soda. Let the baking soda sit for 15 to 20 minutes and vacuum it off the mattress. This will freshen up the mattress and remove odors.

We need to properly care for our symbol mattress if we want it to last for years. Consider your new symbol mattress as sleep equipment that needs to be cared for in order to assure the best hygiene and performance.

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