Started to Get the New House Ready

We bought this place about a year ago, but it was still rented out to this other person and I was not in a hurry when I bought it. I knew that it was going to take some work before the place was going to be suitable for us to move in to as a long term thing. I needed to get a few things in order before we moved out here and I had to fix the place up. Basically I have reworked the wiring and put in a lot of new features. It has an ADT security home monitoring system that is pretty close to state of the art. At least what I got was the best system that I could get and still remained in a cost effective regime. I did not go over the top with a lot of features that did not really do stuff I needed it to do. That is just a big waste of time and money of course.

I was thinking all along that the house was almost big enough, but that it needed to be bigger. So I borrowed some more money and I got this contractor to do a pretty big renovation. In essence what we did was to rebuild the garage and add a loft over the top of it. There is a good piece of land here, so I figure that some time in the future when I get more money I can go in an add another garage. I figure that I have enough room to build a pretty nice sized one out behind the house. I am not quite sure how to best situate the building or whether it is needed to attach it to the house. I just figure it is something I can worry about later.

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