Private Equity Real Estate at a Glance

In a special supplement, Deutsche Finance Group explain why real estate and infrastructure have been the most popular asset classes in the last couple of

years, and also detail the benefits of investing in Private Equity Real Estate (PERE). But what are the accepting risks and restrictions on such an asset class? What types of PERE Strategies are out there? In addition, this absorbing supplement gives expert tips on finding the ideal PERE Fund and it lifts the lid on the Deutsche Finance Business Model.

The exchange-traded fund market has been growing rapidly in recent years, despite a number of global financial struggles and the relatively late introduction of ETFs into the financial market.

Despite these challenges many investment firms have successfully used these unique products to provide their clients with strong, risk averse returns, as well as the tax efficiency and lower transaction costs which are a favourable feature of ETFs.

The 2016 ETF Awards have been created to celebrate and reward the hard work put in by everyone working within this dynamic and growing sector: from the funds themselves to the managers, investors and support service providers that make these funds the success they are.

As with all of our awards, The 2016 ETF Awards are based exclusively on merit. Business size or geography is not a reflection. Our dedicated in-house research team leaves no stone unturned to ensure that each of our award winners can be rest assured that their accolade was truly deserved.

As diversification becomes the investment industry watchword many single manager funds are being overlooked, despite the numerous advantages including reduced fees, elimination of netting risk and the focus on specific investments or strategies, which can be useful for those looking to invest exclusively in one type of product eg. ethical investments.

Therefore the 2016 Single Manager Awards have been established to reward and recognise all those working within this sector who are dedicated to providing their investors with a good quality service and high returns. These awards do not take into account business size, fund length or even worth- rather they are a celebration of the very best the industry has to offer.

Investing is big business, and there are few businesses as vast as the institutional investors. Including banks, finance companies, funds and trusts, these firms are the biggest participants in securities trading and their stock market volumes have gone from strength to strength over the years. With the knowledge and the experience to carry off a successful investment, institutional investors are less restricted by regulations and this gives them much more freedom to achieve their goals.

The firms and individuals involved in one of the largest sources of financing deserve recognition for their expertise and dedication in bringing these investments to fruition, and being recognised by the Investor Review 2016 Institutional Awards is the perfect way to celebrate.

As with all of our programmes, these awards are based exclusively on merit. Business size, the number of votes received or location is not a consideration; our dedicated in-house research team left no stone unturned to ensure that each of our award winners are confident that their accolade is truly deserved.

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