My Parents Reminded Me That I Need to Focus on Retirement

When I moved into the cute little cottage that I rent, I didn’t have much time to figuring out who the best energy provider or Internet provider was. I was lucky to even learn about the place that I rent and had to move out of my parent’s home quickly. So, I called the first companies that came to mind without any window shopping ahead of time. But I’ve since learned that TXU energy rates are cheaper than the rates I pay elsewhere, so I will be switching. This has reminded me that I needed to take a closer look at all the other bills that I pay monthly to see where else I can trim the fat.

I watched my parents spend a lot of money on us kids when we were growing up. And now that they are nearing their retirement years, they are both extremely worried about never getting to actually retire. Both of them feel that they will need to continue to work through their eighties. They are also both very concerned that they will not be able to do that because of their age. So, they are both pressing me to be better about saving and getting a retirement plan set up. To be honest, I am glad that they are pushing me to do it because I am bad about doing things without a little prodding from someone else.

After looking to see how I could save money with just a few companies, I realized that I would be saving about $200 per month if I switched to other businesses. That was really exciting beause it made me want to see how much more I could save and put toward a retirement plan. I don’t want to struggle in life when I’m older. I want to relax and have a good life without working at that age.

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