I Just Started Looking at Smart Phones

I am a little bit baffled as to what I should get, because there is a lot of information out there about the latest smart phones and some of it is rather contradictory I think. For example there are some people who talk about the need to downgrade ios 8 after you buy the latest iPhone. If the operating system is not any good I just do not really want the thing to be honest, but I suspect that Apple knows enough to try to fix whatever problems it is that they have with their OS.Smartphones_ Of course the big problem with an iPhone for me is that it is going to either cost a lot of money, or it is going to come hooked up to some sort of service plan with a long term commitment. I am not afraid of the service plan, because you can not use the phone with no phone service, but I want to be able to tell them to shove off any time it suits me.

The two things that are most important to me are the camera on the phone and the ability for it to work efficiently as a music player. Of course when you use your phone to play music you have to think about how that effects the life of the battery in the phone. I want to just carry one device, but obviously I am going to need to have a phone more than I will need to play music on the phone.You have to be able to use your phone as a phone before you use it as a device to entertain you. One thing is nice to have, but the other thing is necessary and the real purpose which justifies the expense that you put in a phone.

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