I Have a Really Good Job

Of course at first I was not so impressed, because bussing tables at one of the best Italian restaurants in Little Italy San Diego is not any better than bussing tables at any other place. I suppose that it is not any better when you are working in the kitchen, which I have not done. However I have been doing all that I can to learn all that you can about the food and how it is prepared. I figure that this has to be a good way to impress the ladies and most of all you need to know your business when you are waiting tables. That is what I am doing right now and obviously you get better tips when you do a good job and when you are able to provide good insights upon the food that is on the menu. Now when I started out I did not have a clue how much money can be made at this, but I figured it out really quickly.

The truth is that nearly all of the other waiters here are gay, although that is of no matter to me. They all make really good money waiting tables, although some of them do better than others. A couple of them seem to lack the disposition necessary to make good tips. People are not obligated to tip you, especially if they do not think that you did a good job for them. If two people come into this place it is typical for the check to come to over a hundred and thirty dollars. So if you think a fifteen percent tip is appropriate, then the typical tip is going to be around twenty bucks. A lot of times I have large groups with corporate plastic and the tip might be two hundred dollars if you impress the clients.

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