Find high fat can eat meat happy?

There are plenty of food sources, of course, there are many foods that can be used as medicines by people. The chances of eating more than usual are greater than the chance of taking medicine, so eating becomes one of the most important aspects of physical well-being.

Hyperlipidemia should first reduce fat intake

For people with hyperlipidemia, we must reduce the fat intake, the understanding of fat is not as simple as fat or animal oil, in fact, many foods, such as shellfish seafood, and software like squid, cholesterol is very high.

If you have confirmed that there are symptoms of hyperlipidemia, whether high triglycerides, or high total cholesterol, or low density, each of these three are actually prompted to pay attention to your diet.

Plant food is the first choice

Among the foods, there are three categories. The first is plant foods, such as green leafy vegetables that are often eaten, or foods of rhizomes, and the other is animals. There are two kinds of animals, one is the animals in the water, one is the animals on land and of course includes some birds.

Of these three kinds of food, the first choice should be plant food. Like cucumbers, celery, carrots, as well as green beans, spinach, green peppers, are very good choice. Because it contains almost no fat, and its vitamin content is high, the most important thing is that celery, for example, is like celery. Its fiber is very thick, and celery is particularly popular among seniors with constipation.

Many people think that celery taste is not good, you can wash it clean, squeezed into juice, and then mix a little cucumber juice, clear cool, after eating can remove the body of garbage, especially the elimination of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, to avoid Forming plaque.

Carotene inside carrots, lycopene in tomatoes, which can help everyone antioxidant. If oxidized, then the body’s blood vessels become faster aging, leading to easy loss of elasticity, and into the atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis next step will produce plaque, then the heart from myocardial ischemia or myocardial infarction is not Far.

Second, if you think the protein content is not enough, then it is recommended intake of some high-quality protein, especially in the sea of fish, shrimp. It not only provides high-quality protein, and not fat, the heat is not very high, it will not raise blood sugar.

White meat is more scientific than red meat

Meticulous, fleshy and delicate white meat, in fact, is more scientific than beef and mutton and other red meat. If some elderly, that their cold, afraid of cold, it is recommended to eat a small amount of beef and mutton, because it is warm food. But it is not digested, so the elderly stomach function is not particularly good, then the beef and mutton should be properly consumed, and in the spring, summer people are particularly vulnerable to ignition, digestion, the body’s protease content, vitality are not enough, so it should be Put in autumn and winter, food for the cold season.

To sum up, first of all, green vegetables are the first choice, followed by sea selection of high-quality protein, easy to digest. In addition, you can choose some appropriate red meat, of course, which is divided into groups, if the body itself is hot, whether it is hot and humid, blood heat, while others love the fire people need to pay attention to the taboo as much as possible.

From the taste, try to choose some of the more moderate taste, such as not too salty, too sweet, too spicy, five flavors balance, then the five internal organs on the peace. From the cooking point of speaking, to minimize the use of oil, to avoid prolonged cooking, you can choose to steamed or cold way, this way does not harm the ingredients of raw materials, but also easier to be absorbed, and fat content will be particularly low, suitable People with hyperlipidemia are also suitable for people who have cardiovascular disease.

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