Cough out of the pink foam phlegm is what’s going on?

Coronary heart disease and rheumatic heart disease are the two most common types of heart disease in adults

Adults are mostly two types of heart disease, one is coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, commonly known as coronary heart disease, there is a class of rheumatic heart disease, or rheumatic valvular disease. In fact, these two types of disease is very good identification, coronary heart disease is the most important pathological changes of myocardial ischemia. Because coronary heart disease is blocked some of the vascular stenosis, it dominates the myocardial ischemia. Human myocardial ischemia will be painful, commonly known as angina, which is the most simple coronary heart disease, the most typical one performance.

How is rheumatic heart disease formed?

Rheumatic heart disease is actually a disease of the valve. After the valve disease, the patient usually has the symptoms of chest tightness, shortness of breath, weakness, suffocation, breathlessness, and palpitation. So these two diseases are generally better identified.

Most patients with rheumatic heart disease at a young age will have a history of rheumatic fever, manifested as fever, rheumatic heart disease cured later, it will cause its own series of immune reactions, which will invade his own heart valve, slow Slow form a chronic valve inflammation.

This valve will slowly thickening, calcification, valve activity has been very limited, the valve orifice of the valve will be narrow, the process of blood flow through the stenosis will be blocked, a lot of blood will be deposited in the left atrium , So that the left atrial pressure increases, so that the left atrium and pulmonary veins connected to the pressure, the patient will obviously feel chest tightness, suffocation.

When certain special conditions, such as vigorous activity and large infusions of fluid, the pressure on the pulmonary veins rises sharply, it may ooze into the alveoli. Then the patient will appear severe suffocation, or even cough foam sputum, because of his alveolar inside seeping a lot of plasma-like liquid, and some bloody, it will form this pink foam sputum. So this is a very typical and severe case of rheumatic heart disease and rheumatic mitral stenosis. Like this situation should go to the hospital in time to find a professional doctor for treatment.

Physical adverse conditions should be promptly checked

In fact, during normal activities, we should pay attention to some reactions of our own body. For example, there will be chest tightness and suffocation after the activity, and we should be vigilant to the heart is not a problem. Time to go to the hospital to do echocardiography, you can visually see the entire structure of the heart, including the valve has no lesions, or is very easy to judge by a doctor.

After a problem, we must listen to the advice of the specialist, do not delaying the treatment of the opportunity to get treatment as soon as possible.

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