An Alarm System Keeps Our Home Safe 24-hours Per Day

Two years ago, my wife’s parents both passed away. It was very tough on my wife, as she was very close to both of them. I was, too. We miss them greatly. We soon learned that her parents had willed their home to her. We live in another state, so I originally thought we would sell the place. But my wife did not feel ready to do so yet. Considering that we did not live there and could not keep an eye on the house, I decided I needed to call ADT Security for homes in Connecticut so that we could get the house secured well with an alarm system. I knew that if anyone tried to tamper with the house, the police could then call us immediately to let us know.

When we first learned that we were now owners of the house, we flew out to stay there for a week. Of course, we had stayed in the house many times while my wife’s parents were alive, but this was our first time staying there alone. We had a great time in the area exploring many great places there are to go there. We spent a lot of time sitting out on the back deck enjoying the view that overlooks an amazing lake, too. It was during that trip that my wife asked if I would think about moving there full time when we both retired. I told her I would mull it over, but it did sound like a fine idea.

We both retired last year, and while we have visited her parent’s old place a few times on vacation, we both found ourselves wishing we lived there permanently. The house is in great shape, and the security system has kept vandals from doing any damage to it. We have been looking for a change for awhile now, so last month, we made the move to Connecticut. My wife and I both love living in the place that she has so many good memories in.

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