7 Reasons to Play Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

Surprisingly table tennis ( also known as ping pong) is not a popular sport in America as it should be! Here are the reasons for you to get started now!ping pong

  1. It’s good for your health
    Even though you sweat a lot when playing, it’s still a sport which is gentle on your body. You don’t have to worry about getting hurt.
  2. Age is not the issue
    This is one of the best things about table tennis. We’ve seen guys in their 90’s playing table tennis while joking around! We’ve also seen how a 5 years old make an impression.
  3. It’s a great brain exercise
    People often think a good table tennis player is someone who is intelligent.
  4. It’s fun to play
    Not only there are all kinds of styles you can play, but also you can do some joking talking while you are playing (and everyone else can hear you!). You make friends from doing this exercise.
  5. It’s inexpensive and easy to get started
    A paddle, a ball, a friend (or a club) – that’s needed for you to get started.
  6. You can look cool and impress your friends
    By playing table tennis, you can show your friends how fast you move your body, how quick you react to a shot and how funny you are!
  7. Always challenging yourself
    Table tennis is easy to play, yet difficult to master. You will be constantly challenging yourself!

There are many reasons for playing table tennis, but before that, you should choose the best table tennis table, have fun. 

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