This mattress is designed for utmost support, comfort, and convenience. Dynasty is a brand known for good quality mattresses – but the Dynasty Mattress Therapeutic 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress by far displays the real quality of the Dynasty name.

This product has all ingredients that enable a good night’s sleep so you can rest well. Do not look any further than this mattress if every mover of your partner bothers you too. It’s such a high-quality mattress made out of just the right bedding materials which ultimately take the shape of your body, providing the right support to the contours of your body.DynastyMattress Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress Review

For a good, proper night’s sleep and for better health and posture – read more about this mattress and purchase yours today!

Price and Main Features

The dynasty mattress is available for $329.00 and displays the following fabulous product features:

  • 100% cotton cover – with zipper for easy removal for washing
  • The mattress provides relief for pressure points in the body – in so doing relieving body aches and pains
  • 5.3-pound density
  • Constructed with high-density viscoelastic memory foam

Pros and Cons

The mattress conforms to the shape of your body no matter what its shape or size and no matter how you sleep or in what position you lie on it. It molds itself to your body shape and supports your joints in all the right spots – relieving you of joint pain and aching or pressure. You sleep much more comfortably and deeply on a foam mattress than on a metal spring mattress – and the Dynasty Mattress Therapeutic 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress is designed with extra features to make it even more advanced than the ordinary foam mattress.

As with all foam mattresses, there is a period of time that you have to wait for the mattress to expand fully before use. Also, the mattresses do have a chemical smell – but it clears up very shortly once the mattress is left in a well-ventilated room. Not all mattresses will come with this smell, so it is not a big issue – even if you do happen to get one with a smell on it.

Who is it for?

This mattress is perfect for anybody who is having a problem finding the right mattress to fit your needs – because the Dynasty Mattress Therapeutic 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress has been designed and engineered to fit the needs of anybody – no matter what kind of body you have. This mattress will provide you with more than a deep, proper and refreshing sleep – it will improve your posture and relieve you of body aches and pains. You will feel the difference after having tried this magnificent mattress from Dynasty.

Why you should buy it

This mattress is far more comfortable and has many more features than a regular foam mattress or than spring mattresses that you can buy for a much greater price. It is affordable, comfortable and perfect for your body. What more do you need!


The Dynasty Mattress Therapeutic 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress is a high quality buy for a low price tag and is definitely recommended. You can ask anybody who has used the product and you will be guaranteed that all users are satisfied! Go buy yours today for $329!

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Why is Sleep Important

Whether you sleep a lot or very little, love to nap whenever you feel like it, or adhere to a strict routine, sleeping is undeniably important. In fact, it’s a necessity – prolonged, unconscious rest is required for the body and mind to recharge so that at the most basic level, you can stay awake when you’re supposed to and perform the tasks required of you. Along with diet and exercise, a good night’s sleep is one of the fundamental building blocks of keeping yourself healthy.

Sleep studies have uncovered that certain functions of the body, especially the mind, actually thrive during sleep. Important hormones are produced, and many biochemical and physiological activities take place, helping your body relax, recover from daily wear and tear, and improve its immune system. Lack of sleep can prevent your body from carrying on its natural healing processes, causing muscle aches and pains, and in many cases, sickness. Also, the chemicals your body produces can also come out of balance, which can cause mood problems as well. Sleep when sick is especially important so that your body and immune system can recover faster.

That’s why sleep disorders are such a major concern, and why experts have turned to high tech mattresses like TV Brand memory foam or Sleep Number, and to sleep medication in order to aid people and help them discover a way to optimize their sleep. Without sleep, people are more prone to memory problems, accidents and injuries, and lapses in judgment.

Sleep is important – here we offer some simple tips to better sleep and information about available sleep medication.

7 Tips for Better Sleep

While upgrading to a better firm mattress can make a huge difference for a bad back, that’s not the only thing you should be thinking about when you’re seeking a better night’s sleep. Some simple rules can quickly enhance your sleep starting tonight.

  1. Keep it Dark. Seems obvious, but many people think that just because it’s night, it’s as dark as you need it to be. Ambient light from street lamps, passing cars, the stars or the moon is still bright enough to prevent you from falling asleep. So close the shades before you turn off the bedside lamp.
  2. Keep it Quiet. Another basic thing that people don’t think about is how much noise pollution there is, from your house settling to distant street noise. A soft constant hum of a white noise machine or fan can block out all of the sudden sounds that can wake you up, and you won’t need earplugs.
  3. The Bed is for Sleep. Don’t clutter your bed with your work, newspapers, and all the things that you like to keep handy. The less you think of your bed as an alternate workspace, and more like a sleeping area, the better your sleep will be.
  4. No Games or TV. While having the TV on while going to sleep may seem comforting, visual stimulation will keep your mind racing for hours longer than you want. Watch TV or play your videogames, but turn them off long enough for your mind to settle down before going to bed.
  5. Avoid Eating or Drinking in Excess. In general, that’s a healthy tip as well, but eating or drinking in large amounts right before going to bed can easily ruin sleep. Food sitting in your stomach can feel uncomfortable, and liquid may interrupt your sleep with frequent trips to the bathroom.
  6. More exercise. Whatever you feel comfortable with, from a quick walk to a long distance run, yoga, or simple stretching, burning off excess energy is a surefire way to fall asleep.
  7. Create a sleep ritual. Doing something that you enjoy on a consistent basis is relaxing for the mind. Whether it is a hot bath, reading a book, or even doing the dishes, stick with it, and your body will associate sleep with these activities, and help you fall asleep more consistently.

How to Stop Tossing and Turning

The dreaded tossing and turning – it is one of the most frustrating and feared things that can ever happen to a sleeper. Hours of useful rest can be lost every year, and despite all of the advancements in sleep technology and understanding, we still seem to fall into the same trap now and again. There are generally two accepted causes of tossing and turning, one mental, one physical. Read up a bit more to see what might be the cause of your discomfort, and then find a solution.

Many believe that tossing and turning comes from being unable to relax, rather than not being able to find the most comfortable spot on the bed. When the mind is still running, whether with concerns or seemingly nothing, it is sensitive to even the smallest disturbance, and it becomes impossible to become relaxed enough to fall asleep. Following 7 tips to better sleep, avoiding overstimulation, and creating an environment where your mind can relax and stop the tossing and turning.

Finding the right mattress, by doing a mattress comparison, can help stop tossing and turning as well. Your mattress may be too soft, too firm, or just worn out. From dependable innerspring mattresses to the latest advancements in latex beds, air beds, and memory foam, there are now countless options that are effective and offer a wide range of mattresses for every body type and sensitivity – you just need to find the best one for you.

In some cases, sleep medication may be the only answer. Always consult your doctor when choosing medication. But always start with things you can change on your own – you may find that stopping tossing and turning is easier than you think.

Sleep Medication

You may have tried everything to fall asleep, or stay asleep. From drinking warm milk to buying countless CD’s of nature sounds, using aromatherapy and even meditation, there seems to be something that works for someone – except you. In this case, consulting with your doctor and trying some sleep medication may be the answer. There are many prescriptions and over- the- counter solutions that have proven effective against insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Trying over- the- counter solutions can be a casual way to see if your body requires some sort of sleep medication to aid in falling asleep. The main component of over- the- counter sleep medication is an antihistamine – the kind often found in allergy medication, and the reason why one always feels drowsy when taking allergy medication. Brands like Nytol, Sominex, Sleepinal, and Unisom are common over over-the-counter sleep medications meant for short-term sleep disorders.

For long-term insomnia, you will need a prescription from a physician. But there are some well known and reliable prescription sleep medications like Rozerem, Lunesta, Sonata, and Ambien – even those who aren’t in need of medication are probably familiar with their commercials. There are some differences between what these drugs do, from mimicking the effects of melatonin to slowing down the nervous system through receptors in the brain.

The alternative over-the-counter solutions are alternative and herbal sleep aids. Pills offer combinations of recognizable names like Chamomile to Valerian Root and St. John’s Wort. Tryptophan, often blamed for being what makes you sleepy after eating a Thanksgiving turkey, and Melatonin, the naturally occurring hormone are also found packaged as sleep aids. The FDA has not conducted formal studies, but these are available to whoever wants to avoid common sleep medication concerns.

Find out more about how sleep medications work, consult your doctor and make sure you feel fully informed before choosing a solution.

Sleep Medication Concerns

We’ve all seen the commercials. A good night’s rest is right around the corner with prescription sleep medication. But then you notice that during the commercial, a low speaking voice quickly lists off the potential side effects of taking drugs as a solution for sleep disorders – and you wonder, what did he just say? But to their credit, drug companies and physicians to make it clear that, as with any medication, there are potential side effects that need to be considered when choosing a sleep aid.

A major sleep medication concern is – will I become dependent on it? And as with most drugs, there is a risk that you can either physically or psychologically. You may begin to believe that you can’t sleep without medication, and then it can be even more difficult to return to the habit of sleeping naturally. And when you stop taking sleep medication, you may feel symptoms of withdrawal like nausea and cold sweats.

A building up of tolerance of the sleep medication can also be a risk – as time goes on, sleep medication becomes less effective. This means you will begin to want to take more, which again increases the risk of dependency, as well as other side effects. And what are those side effects that the commercial is listing off anyway? It’s everything from allergic reactions, hallucinations, facial swelling, memory lapses, sleep driving, headaches, and daytime sleepiness.

That is why even well-known sleep medications like Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata, and Rozerum require a prescription. Having a trained medical professional monitoring how much sleep medication you take, as well as help,  solve any allergic reactions and side effects can be a huge help.

Many Individuals are plagued with again issues, in reality, 80% of us in our grownup lifetime will sooner or later or one other undergo it. One of many causes could be where we lay our heads for relaxation and rejuvenation at night time… the offender? We spend about a third of our lives asleep, so the fitting mattress is important.

Because two folks can differ dramatically in weight, body form, and sleep positions, it may be unattainable to search out one single greatest mattress. Nevertheless, many manufacturers are now providing break-up mattresses which can be custom-made for firmness on all sides. A lot of these mattresses can be present in a variety of materials, although air mattresses are most likely one of the vital well-liked. For couples who have totally different wants, we advocate a break up-facet latex mattress or adjustable air mattress.

Our Choose: Astrabeds permits customers to customize the layers and individual sides on their latex mattresses, which means one side will be plush and the other firm. For air mattresses, the Sleep Quantity m7 incorporates a layer of reminiscence foam for added consolation, with a three.7/5 the score, and queen worth of $2799. well-being Benefits – evaluation of options and consumer reports of benefits. TENDER mattresses.

Marketplace studies have exposed that latex mattresses possess replaced foam mattresses on the subject of recognition within the European nations if product sales numbers are something to gauge simply by. The very best mattresses for back pain are created just by utilizing synthetically prepared latex or a totally different mixture of artificial latex with natural latex.

Most circumstances of lower again ache may be linked to a general trigger – resembling muscle pressure, harm or overuse – or will be attributed to a particular diagnosed situation of the backbone. A Straightforward Relaxation adjustable bed provides a totally supportive mattress to your physique and allows you to alter to any position you find comfortable. That is the solution to your shoulder ache.

The most effective mattress for a bad again has-been confirmed to be a reminiscence foam mattress or a latex mattress. Now the best mattress for a foul back will probably be individually based mostly on each particular person’s state of affairs and preferences; nevertheless, in common sense, the Medium /Firm mattresses are the most beneficial. Most backs with preexisting circumstances require a moderately firm sleeping floor in an effort to heal correctly from strains, and other injuries.

Conventional spring mattresses are flat, plank-like. These mattresses cause the sleeper to lay uneven, whether or not they’re facet or again sleepers. This prevents the decrease again from decompressing and causes a host of strains and pains. Let’s take a psychological picture and envision this sleeping scenario. The fitting mattress will keep these issues from occurring.

Not all reminiscence foam feels the same, and it could possibly take time to get used to. Another choice is an inflatable mattress; with this sort, you may select a unique firmness for every half of the bed. Purchase at a store, not online or over the cellphone, except you have got already tried the similar mattress in a retailer. Start out with the least expensive bed from a number of high brands, and work your method up in cost. One specialty mattress we tested, Tempur-Pedic, is offered at quite a lot of shops, but we found that reductions have historically been few and far between. Some mattress makers provide helpful information on their web sites.


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Of course at first I was not so impressed, because bussing tables at one of the best Italian restaurants in Little Italy San Diego is not any better than bussing tables at any other place. I suppose that it is not any better when you are working in the kitchen, which I have not done. However I have been doing all that I can to learn all that you can about the food and how it is prepared. I figure that this has to be a good way to impress the ladies and most of all you need to know your business when you are waiting tables. That is what I am doing right now and obviously you get better tips when you do a good job and when you are able to provide good insights upon the food that is on the menu.

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Hi there! Welcome to my brand new review of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500. I decided to buy the Ninja Blender a few weeks ago after seeing it advertised on TV. It seemed like an incredible system to make smoothies, sauces, deserts, and salads easily and effectively.

Although I was skeptical it would do everything as perfectly as was advertised in the infomercial, I needed a new blender anyways and the price was right. After reading through a bunch of Ninja blender reviews, I decided to buy one for myself.

Having used it for a few weeks now, I decided I would put together my very own Ninja Mega Kitchen System review to help anyone interested in purchasing this gadget. In this review, I will discuss how this blender works, my personal experiences with it, pros and cons, and whether it works as effectively as advertised.

At the end of my article, I provide a link to where you can buy the Ninja Blender for the best price online if you’re interested in getting it.

What is the Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender?

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender is a multi-functional kitchen appliance that blends and processes food to your desired specifications. It is supposed to be good for smoothies, juices, salads, ice cream, sauces, and even cookie dough.

However, its key selling point is its ability to make delicious smoothies. It is supposed to be able to crush ice into snow – which is exactly the kind of consistency you need if you want high-quality smoothies. And if you’ve seen the infomercial you will already know that it is supposed to be able to blend almost any type of fruit or vegetable you put in it.

It comes with a variety of attachments and containers, including a single serve function for when you want to take something to go.

But of course all of this sounds good. How well does the Ninja Blender actually work though?

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Components:

  • 1500 watt, 2 hoursepower motor
  • Extra large 72 oz. pitcher and blade assembly
  • Extra large 64 oz. processing bowl and blade assembly
  • dough blade attachment
  • Two single-serve blending cups with blade and to-go lids

My Personal Ninja Blender Review

When this thing arrived in the mail a week after ordering it online, I was quite excited to say the least! I had been without a blender for a couple of weeks and was eager to get back into making fresh smoothies at home. After unpacking it and reading all the instructions I was eager to give it a try.

I added frozen strawberries, fresh blueberries, some avocado, almond milk, and ice to the large 72 oz. pitcher. After pulsing it a couple of times to crack the ice, I then put it into full power mode. This thing rumbled into action with incredible speed (and incredible noise too). It blended everything up very quickly and soon it was time to give it the real test – the taste test!

I poured the mixture into a glass and noticed how smooth everything was. There were no large chunks of ice coming out of the pitcher – just a smooth, icy fruit mixture that looked ready to drink. I tasted it and was blown away with how tasty it was. It was fruity, refreshing, and super smooth!

For the past couple of weeks I experimented with my new kitchen system. I blended pretty much everything under the sun – from kale, to apples, to celery stock. I made some absolutely delicious shakes. And anyone that loves adding kale to things will be pleased to know that the Ninja does an especially good job with kale. It completely breaks down the leaves into a smooth sauce that blends well with whatever beverage you’re making.

When it comes to make delicious smoothies, the Ninja Blender gets an A+ in my books!

Other functions: Ice cream, dough, etc.

Of course Ninja also advertises many other functions for this blender. I had mainly gotten it for the smoothies, but I was interested how the other functions worked out.

I followed the instruction to make a non-fat ice (even including some blueberries for extra flavor), and it turned out reasonably well. In reality it wasn’t really an ice cream, but it could definitely qualify as something similar to a frozen yogurt. The consistency wasn’t quite smooth enough to call it ice cream, but it was still tasty all the same.

In terms of dough, this machine functioned surprisingly well. I decided I would mix the dough for chocolate cookies in the Ninja one evening and it did a very good job in making nice smooth dough. I didn’t try out this function more than once, and in reality I think I’ll stick with my usual kitchen mixer for this task.

The Single-Serve Option

Another fantastic feature that this machine comes with is a single-serve container for when you’re on the go. You basically attach the single-serve container to the blender, add your ingredients, blend it, and then detach the container. You stick a lid on the container and take it with you in the morning on your way to work (or school).

This is a pretty awesome feature for me, as it allows me to make just one serving at a time and then take my smoothie with me when I don’t have much time in the morning.

Other Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Reviews

Before writing this article, I looked through a bunch of other Ninja Mega Kitchen System reviews to see what others thought of this machine. It seems that most people rated this machine quite favorably in terms of effectiveness and durability. I’ve included some excerpts from these reviews below:

“I love my Ninja; it is one of my top five purchases ever! Knowing what I know now that I have used this appliance for three or so months, I would have paid even more. Yes, I really love it that much!” Lisa,

“I’ve made smoothies in it 4 times and pizza dough twice. Never had a problem with it, so far. Yes, it is noisy, but I don’t think it’s any louder than anything else out there” J. Jarecki,

“We LOVE it! It is so fast and blends perfectly! We use the single serve cups to make protein shakes in the morning and it literally takes 3-5 seconds to mix them. I’ve also used it to make mashed potatoes and cookie dough, which both turned out great!” Courtney,


  • One of the fastest and most powerful blenders on the market (makes shakes in less than 10 seconds)
  • Produces super high-quality crushed ice for smoothies and margaritas
  • Extremely versatile – makes anything from protein shakes, to mashed potatoes, to cookie dough
  • Very useful single-serve functionality
  • 5 year warranty


  • A little noisier than entry-level blenders
  • Lid on the food processor can seem a bit tight at times (better than it falling off easily though!)

Conclusion: Is The Ninja Blender Right For You?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one kitchen solution that makes anything from smoothies to cookie dough, look no further than the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500. It truly is a highly versatile kitchen system that performs every task at the top of its class. I have had nothing but awesome results from the Ninja every time that I’ve used it and I really can’t recommend it enough.

If you’re looking to make all kinds of delicious and nutritious smoothies, than this machine is exactly what you need. Not only is it powerful, fast, and easy to use, it comes with an amazing 5 year warranty, which is pretty much unheard of for any blender.

After doing considerable research, I’ve found that other blenders with this kind of power retail for nearly three times the prices (and they don’t have all those nifty attachments either!). When you compare the Ninja Blender’s versatility and quality with its price, you can easily see that this machine provides amazing bang for your buck.

Where To Buy The Ninja Mega Kitchen System – IMPORTANT INFO

If you’re looking to get the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, right now the best deal is from the official seller (see link below). This machine usual retails for $300, but right now they are offering the whole kitchen system for $199 including FREE SHIPPING. Now usually Amazon has the best deal, but even they are offering it for $275, which isn’t much of a savings at all.

If you want to buy the Ninja Mega Kitchen System now is the time to do it. Not only is the whole thing being offer for $100 less by the official seller, you get free shipping and a crazy 5 year warranty. Plus if you find the machine is not for you, you can take advantage of their risk-free 60 day money back guarantee. That means if you don’t like it within 2 months you can take it back for a full refund.

This is an incredible deal for such an advanced kitchen system. If you’re sick and tired of using cheap blenders and a wide range of unnecessary kitchen appliances, get the Ninja blender to replace everything. You could be enjoying fresh smoothies from the comfort of your own home within the week!

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HootSuite announced today that it has secured an additional $165 million US in capital for its Series B Financing round, in order to continue meteoric growth and dominance as a social relationship platform.

The latest round, representing the largest deal ever in Canadian venture capital history for a software company and one of the largest rounds of global venture capital funding, is a co-investment led by Insight Venture Partners, with participation from Accel Partners and existing investor, OMERS Ventures.

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The topic of ‘geo-politics’ has dominated the Twitter accounts of World Economic Forum (WEF) participants attending this year’s Annual Meeting taking place in Davos, Switzerland from 17-20 January 2017. 

Mentions of ‘Trump’, ‘Brexit’ and ‘Elections’ were among the top keywords driving this geo-political conversation by those registered to attend the event thus far. 2017 WEF participants have published more than 108,000 tweets over the past 4 months.

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The asset management industry is a key indicator of the overall health of the financial market; as firms work diligently to ensure that they provide the best returns for their investors, which in turn ensures that the life cycle of the financial market continues.

Investor Review’s 2016 Asset Manager Awards have been designed to showcase the talent, diligence and persistence of the asset managers working hard to support their clients. We are not interested in firm size or reputation- we are looking instead for the firms, individuals or departments that have worked to provide excellence for their clients.

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The health of the fund industry is a true test of the overall health of the financial markets, and despite strong challenges over the past 12 months the sector has been growing steadily.

Therefore, we have created the 2016 Fund Elite Awards to showcase the talent, dedication and experience of those behind some of the greatest funds in the market, which have overcome many obstacles to achieve strong returns for investors despite the market struggles.

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In a special supplement, Deutsche Finance Group explain why real estate and infrastructure have been the most popular asset classes in the last couple of

years, and also detail the benefits of investing in Private Equity Real Estate (PERE). But what are the accepting risks and restrictions on such an asset class? What types of PERE Strategies are out there? In addition, this absorbing supplement gives expert tips on finding the ideal PERE Fund and it lifts the lid on the Deutsche Finance Business Model.

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Investec Wealth Strategies is a family-owned and –operated advisory firm based in Houston, TX founded in 1984. Investec specializes in helping affluent families and individuals around the world accomplish their financial goals. They do this by growing and protecting client portfolios and by providing holistic financial planning strategies. Clients gain reassurance and confidence by having their financial lives simplified and organized, with a personalized strategy in place to guide them through their retirement years. 

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The Osiris Group Profile

The Osiris Group is a boutique private equity firm scaling innovation in frontier markets.  We are the financing engine for profitable disruption – intentionally building systems of the future, rather than the past.  A top priority for the firm is allocating capital into investments leapfrogging long-term development, prosperity and growth.  Pioneering impact investing in Asia, the Group integrates public policy, entrepreneurship and operational leadership, creating sovereign alpha while best capturing risk-adjusted growth returns.

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